Utilizing high quality, locally sourced products

Starting with organic eggs for breakfast, continuing with the home made venison sausages, right through to the home made breads… We take great care in sourcing our products and insure that our suppliers share our philosophy.

Maintain the exceptionally healthy nature which surrounds our Hotel

We use ecologically degradable cleaning materials and fully recyclable papers (toilet, tissue…). Our staff are trained with a view to being ecologically responsible and we encourage our guests to be likewise.

Healthy living through the use of natural raw materials

Scientifically proven high quality room climate achieved through the use of Zirbe for bedroom furniture, as well as loden, felts and oak for accessories. Large floor-to-ceiling triple glazed windows flood the rooms with light and enhance general well-being.

Economical use of sustainable energy resources

Insulation of exterior walls and soil energy sources help to significantly minimize heating and fuel requirements. Use of LED lighting and the so-called “green socket” further reduce electricity consumption.