Sustainability and comfort at the Hotel Mondschein

We are convinced that ecological behaviour has to be more fun than unecological behaviour. Therefor we tried to first and foremost make our hotel all about coziness, attractiveness and pleasure. This is based on a wholesome ecological concept, which we implemented with the renovation of the whole house in 2011. This has not only been a logical, but also a very efficient step for our house.

The Hotel Mondschein is proof that a sustainable lifestyle does not mean reduced comfort – actually the opposite is the case! It is more about mindfulness for the beautiful things and healthy pleasure. With this approach we can make ourselves ready for the future!

In terms of eco-friendliness and sustainability Hotel Mondschein is one of the best practices in Austria. It starts with breakfast and dinner, with high-quality products of the regions and ends with the ecological interior, where loden, felt and oak create a extraordinary room feeling. The staff was really attentive and made our ski holiday magical!


If you stay at Hotel Mondschein you only produce 9,13 kg CO2 per Person and Night (heating, warm water, meals, staff, etc.). Four star hotels in Austria have a standard of 50 kg CO2 per night. For comparison: cars produce a footprint of 29kg CO2 per 100 km. Therefor with a one week stay at the Hotel Mondschein you also contribute to a clean environment – for 2 people staying one week an estimated 2.000 car km saving of CO2!