Sport and Leisure

We gladly provide professional ski-instructors or ski-guides to help you discover the delights of the Arlberg.

Ski races
In conjunction with the Ski-school Stuben, we organise ?end of vacation? races, or one-off ?corporate? races. Inclusive of any prize giving.

Once a week the Bobsleigh Bonanza takes place on the specially constructed and floodlit course. This is rounded off with well deserved ?Gluehwein? (mulled wine).

Sleigh Rides
We make bookings on your behalf for romantic sleigh rides across snow covered mountains.

Cross country skiing
There are several cross country courses to choose from. Stuben at a length of 2 Km, Zurs ? St Christoph 4 Km, St Anton 5 Km and Lech 15 Km.

Not for the faint hearted, but exhilarating and exciting we can book a tandem flight with a local professional paraglider who will give you a ?Birds Eye View? of the mountains.

Heli skiing
The ever popular heli skiing can also be booked on your behalf. We will arrange for you and a guide to be airlifted to the snow white peaks for an off-piste experience second to none.

Mondschein adventure
We accompany you on a ski tour (possibly using snow shoes) towards the Albona Ridge. The moonlit nights throwing unforgettable shadows in the Alpine world.

Ice rink adjoining the Hotel Monzabon in Lech. (boot hire available).

Both Lech and St Anton have professional curling rinks.