Hotel Mondschein places particular importance on energy efficiency.

Energy efficient construction and a high-quality restoration is the key to effective long-term climate change. The klimaaktiv building standard is the guiding principle for environmental and energy-efficient design throughout Austria.

In Austria around 40,000 new apartments are built every year. Approximately 1.5 million buildings were constructed between 1900 and 1980. As a consequence more energy-efficient new buildings and high-quality renovations are the key to effective long-term climate protection.

However, klima:aktiv requires more than just energy efficiency. Equally important issues include the choice of location, ecological quality, comfort and quality in the execution.

The hotel Mondschein is amongst the oldest inns in Vorarlberg and successfully combines the atmosphere of its’ rustic dining rooms heated by the original 1739 dated Kachelofen with the innovative charm of the recently undertaken modernization. It is here that celebrities Luis Trenker and Romy Schneider often stopped off. It is here that you will encounter todays snowboard legends, hardwaretesters and deep-snow (off-piste)  world champions. Obviously culinary aspects are not neglected at the Mondschein. Home-made bread, home smoked venison sausages and home distilled ‘Zirben-Schnaps” all combine to spoil the guests. The rustic cellar dating to the 17th century being another enticing aspect.

Hotel Mondschein places particular importance on energy efficiency. In the hotel industry energy costs make up a large part of the running costs and thus during the renovations great emphasis was placed on sustainability.

All the lighting in the rooms, corridors and staircases were transformed to the latest LED-technology.

In addition to these elements much of the hotel energy is gained from geothermal energy. All this is parallel to locally sourcing raw materials such ‘Zirben-wood’ or ‘Loden-textiles’ used in the construction and decoration of the rooms. Much importance was placed on the healthy environment of the rooms. Measurements of toxicity levels in the rooms give exceptionally low readings. As a result of which the hotel is exemplary amongst “Best Practice Hotels” in Austria.

Hotel Mondschein is particularly proud that its efforts in creating a environmentally friendly establishment have been recognized by achieving five prestigious awards.