Boarder-Enthusiasts are waiting the whole year for this event:

The biggest longboard- and old-school snowboard event is going to celebrate its 21st anniversary on the 17th of April 2020.

Save the date:

Welcome to the LBC 2020 – Friday the 17th of April 2020 starting at 8pm at the Hotel Mondschein 

LBC Sound – Friday the 17th of April 2020 at 10 pm at the Mondschein Bar with Mortal Kombat Soundsystem

Every year the Albonagrat, at the house mountain in Stuben, is the hotspot for longboarder, off-piste-lovers, soul-surfers and snowboard-legends from all over the world. The motto: everthing that can get down the mountain on a board is allowed to take part. In 2018 the kickoff of the selfnamed Woodstock of Snowboarding happened at 2.408m. After that a height-difference of 1.001m awaits the contestants.

The parties on friday before the big race at the Mondschein Bar are legendary, with Mortal Kombat sound – Reggae, Dancehall, Soca.


Jamiroquai filmed this videos partly at the LBC in Stuben in 1994.

Kickoff and transfer to the starting point

To make sure that the start runs smoothly and to minimize waiting time on the mountain, it is obligatory to walk to the start one hour before kickoff. The transfer with 3 lifts, inkl. descent and short walk to the start takes 45 minutes starting from the town.

The race office with registration is located at the event tent in the final area (right from the bottom station) 1 minute away from the parking lot.

Das Rennbüro mit Anmeldung befindet sich im Eventzelt im Zielbereich (rechts von der Talstation) 1 Minute vom Parkplatz entfernt.

The Race takes place in all weathers, with the approval of the racing track from the local avalanche commission.

Book directly via Hotel Mondschein: