Wine tastings in the candlelit 17th Century Cellar of Mondschein

Our atmospheric Wine Cellar is continiously replenished on a yearly basis.

We pride ourselves in sourcing from leading vintners , young as well as established
producers find their way in to our cellars.

We pride ourselves in beeing members of the 1st Club of Austrian Sommeliers.

Members include establishments dedicated to promoting wines of high quality which raise the quality of the dining experience.

For particular enthusiasts and for non residents of Mondschein, we offer
private wine tastings (minimum 5 participants). We build your wine
tasting upon your personal preferences and advise on the order of wine, year,
maturity and region.

For the following dinner at Mondschein’s Gaststube the best accompanying wines are selected as a matter of fact.


Make your reservation:
or over the phone (+43 5582 511) and find your perfect mountain vacation.